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Addiction Interventions For Your Loved Ones

We are here to help your family with Drug Addiction, Alcohol Addiction, and Mental Health Interventions. We want your family to become a family again. So why not call? The consultation is free.

  • Our intervention services are cost-effective
  • We focus on the long-term success of the affected person
  • We are here to guide you towards the best treatment options
  • We offer lifetime support to the affected person and the family involved
  • We value ongoing relationship w/ families

The Right Addiction Intervention Services For Affected Individuals

It’s no secret that more and more people are suffering from substance abuse like drugs and alcohol addiction these days. And while some have managed to stay clean with the aid of support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous and addiction rehabilitation clinics, there are still those who struggle to find lasting sobriety despite spending a lot of money. And these are the kinds of people who are really in need of help. At True Interventions, we are ready to lend a helping hand by providing the right addiction intervention services for affected individuals. We recognize the negative effects of addiction. That’s why we are prepared to address any situation by using up-to-date treatment methods that will enable these individuals to achieve addiction-free lives with the support of the family while eliminating the possibility of a relapse.

Moreover, we are ready to offer these range of services:

  • Intervention planning
  • Sober Family reintegration
  • Online Counseling
  • Case management
  • Sobriety coaching/monitoring
  • Selecting a treatment center

Stop The Enabling

Dr. Phil shows this mother that her actions can actually kill her son because of enabling. Just like so many parents, we talk to on a daily basis they are either in denial or they enable. Parents at times cannot help but fall into this mindset because they are so close to the problem, or they have been in this situation for so long that it is a habit.

“You’re so close to it, that you’ve lost objectivity,” Dr. Phil cautions her. “Your behavior is what is allowing him to continue to poison his blood and his brain.”

We are committed to directing and creating a new life path to stop and address the destruction of addiction that has affected your loved one and everyone’s life they have touched. We succeed where other attempts have failed. We are not just a one-time process because we provide lifetime support.

Let Us Help You

Here at True Interventions, we treat every addiction case personally. Our Nationally Certified Addiction Intervention Specialists and Coaches are equipped with the skills, knowledge, and credentials to address every addiction issue carefully. Here is our typical timetable of providing effective intervention:

















Step 1: Consultation

We will respond to your call immediately. We listen as you share your story. The first step is a phone consultation to identify the nature of the problem and what you are seeking. It may just start off as a point of sharing, to find out if you are overreacting or to explore how seriously everyone is affected. It may just be the beginning of your journey to be heard. It may be the beginning of confronting a problem and creating solutions to stop the pain, experienced by all.  We will work together in a purposeful, kind, compassionate, but honest way “as a family” towards recovery.

Step 2: Proper Family Education

We strive to set the benchmark in Family Recovery and Family Coaching. Regardless of who you are, your education, or employment, the problems are universal. We educate the family about the role they will play in the recovery process, the immediacy of trying to save a life and family, codependency, and the importance of “stepping in” immediately rather than waiting for their loved ones to hit “rock bottom.” Family and team support play a critical role in the recovery process. After treatment, he is not walking alone; if he does, he will likely fall. The family has a central role to play in the treatment of any health problem, including substance abuse. Providing services to the whole family will improve treatment effectiveness. We serve all those affected by the disorder. One small crack does not mean you are broken, it means you were put to the test and you didn’t fall apart.

Step 3: Getting Started

We offer immediate response and action and offer you help. Our team professionals use proven addiction treatment methods such as the Systemic Modular Approach to Recovery and Treatment (SMART). As you lead the first part of this courageous journey, we will complete a clinical assessment of a person’s individual treatment needs. This assessment helps in the development of an effective treatment plan. This is the beginning of the treatment process. We can have them in treatment in little as 3 days. Why Wait? It starts with a call.

Our Intervention Counselors are available to help you understand our Intervention Process.

The Stigma of Addiction

Perhaps we need to reframe this picture. Instead of talking about the “addict”, let change the picture to the person with the disorder. He did not choose it. He had no idea it would lead to this. He or she is the child, the parent, the cousin, the aunt, the little one, you used to make rice crispy treats with. She is the little girl who used to carry a purse around so she should be just like mom. The little girl who would try to walk in dad’s house slippers. The little boy who would cry when you left him with a sitter. The boy who wanted so badly to fish with you but he tangled his line up every time and refused to pick up the worm. The little one who waited for you to start the pancakes. The one who asked you to help with the science fair project. The one you nursed until she was ready to walk but the bond was so strong, neither of you wanted to let go. The spouse or partner you pledged you would love until the die you died. The one you did everything for, hoping that your devotion and kindness would send him or her to the side of wanting a better life. The stigma that comes along with the word addiction is a very negative one. In fact, this stigma is so negative that people suffering from addiction have died or refused to give themselves a voice to speak out loud. The fear of truth was too big. It felt so uncomfortable that they justified continued use. They were too ashamed to seek help and admit they had a problem. Close family members may have even tried to hide or keep their loved one’s addiction a secret, for the mere fact that they might get blamed for not raising that individual properly. We are advocates for recovery. We stand for the family and the individual who needs help. We do this with an attitude and love and conviction. Let’s address the shame, the pain, and the losses. We will be broken no more. The stigma and anger are often led by the questions of ” why he just can’t stop. He has been to treatment before. What will it take?” We go back to the analogy of a part in a lot of scary movies. The part where someone approaches the victim from behind and places a large plastic bag over the victim’s head and ties it shut. Can you feel it? The victim claws at his mouth through the bag, desperate to breathe. He seeks the freedom to breathe. This is what the dependence disorder feels like. Trying to breathe, without the air, clawing and struggling. His mind and body will not be quelled until he gets air. This is the real feeling of not using. Over the last few years, this stigma is being broken down. People are no longer hiding behind closed doors. In fact, with the help of social media and awareness groups, people are stepping forward and admitting how they struggled and are urging others to get the help they need.

Today, find your voice and get help. You spoke and we heard you.

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Our Intervention Counselors are available to help you understand our Intervention Process.