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About Us

Here at True Interventions, we look after our coordinators with great care so that they can look after your family and help your loved one fight addiction and have longer lasting sobriety.

We Know What Works

True Interventions was created because we believe that not enough is being done to aid the families that need help with addiction. All of our coordinators have heard of horror stories from people calling an addiction treatment center for help only to be told that there was nothing that could be done.

In some sense, it is true. If an addict is not willing to quit, then the addiction intervention treatment will have little to no effect and will be just a costly waste of time.

However, at True Interventions, we say, “There are other options!” We offer families more than one option to choose from to help proceed with getting their loved one into treatment.

Our personalized method of intervention is designed to help the family understand about addiction and the ways addiction manipulates a person into a whole different way of thinking and acting.

Throughout the process, we will show the family that with everyone’s help they can make their loved one understand about the issue of addiction and the need to fight this problem before it’s too late. With a strong family and friends support system the chances of an addict going into treatment greatly increases. With this same care and support, the addict will now be motivated to actively participate in the addiction recovery process because they now see that their lives really matter.

We have partnered with many reputable treatment centers so when the time comes and your loved one decides to go into treatment, we transport them right away. If the family has a different treatment center of their choosing, we can also work with that. There is no pressure where to go to seek treatment, just get your loved ones into treatment.

About The Team

At True Interventions, all of our team has been affected by addiction one way or another. Either they have suffered from addiction, or they have had a close family member who has either suffered or died from addiction. They understand all of the ins and outs of the addiction treatment process and how an addict thinks and can manipulate people.

True Interventions is one of the few companies in the recovery field that has a requirement of addiction. We require each member to have an experience with addiction so they will be able to provide the best addiction intervention treatment possible. We can assure that all of our coordinators and intervention specialists have at least 2 years sobriety.

As part of our team, our coordinators understand the need people have and genuinely want to help. And in return, we look after them. We know how stressful the process is, but we see to it that their sobriety is not compromised by conducting weekly meetings with our coordinators.