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We want to increase the chances of a Longer Lasting Sobriety as much as we can by providing an addiction treatment that is suited for your loved ones’ addiction problem and family healing.

We Know What Works

True Intervention specializes in providing intervention treatment for common addictions such as:

Drug Addiction

Specifically cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, and other illegal drugs which are affecting some Americans today as well as addiction to prescription drugs.

Alcohol Addiction

Social Drinker? Alcoholic? Occasional Drinker? What is the difference and how can you tell?  There are signs and symptoms you can look for in your loved one.

Gambling Addiction

The game of chance can also prove to be too much risk especially when you are already hooked into it.

We Know What Works

The biggest question we ask families is once a loved one has agreed to go into treatment and when they come back home:

Then What?

This is the hardest question to answer for most families since there is always a possibility of a relapse. Once an addict goes into treatment, the family often assumes they can take a BIG sigh of relief after the intervention and usually goes back to their own daily routines and live their life. They don’t realize that addiction is an ongoing process. And part of that process is the willingness to make adjustments in order to prevent their loved ones from experiencing relapse… Even if it means changing their daily habits respectively with no other option of going back to their old routines.


True Interventions takes great pride, not only in our success rates but how when we visit the family on Team Day our interventionist educates the family and friends on addiction. These specialists will explain everything. Team day is usually the longest day of the addiction intervention because there is so much to cover and go over. Overall, we are serious about a Longer Lasting Sobriety so we want to give the family all the information they need, not only to help the addict but how to help continue recovery even after they come home.

Things that we go over

True Intervention specializes in providing intervention treatment for common addictions such as:

  • Who needs to be at the intervention, what roles are the family members currently playing, and what will their roles be after the intervention is over.
  • How to get everyone on the same page and understand what will happen.
  • Understanding that addiction and recovery are ongoing processes.
  • Explain how the intervention works, where it will be, and why.
  • Setting expectations on what happens when the intervention is over, and when the loved one says yes.
  • Setting expectations on what happens if our loved one first says yes, then no, and wants to leave treatment.
  • Setting expectations on where does our loved one go after treatment.
  • Bottom Lines: what do we do then?
  • What should the family do after treatment?
  • Recommend that the family receives counseling, support, and healing for they have been affected as well.