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Why Do We Have Interventions

Yes at times it is hard to make people understand that they have an addiction. The biggest part of an intervention is really to educate the family and help them. In reality, the family is the entity that suffers the most, not the addict. After the co-dependence, manipulation, lying, stealing, and broken promises, the family has taken a beating and is emotionally drained.

Do you have any idea how or why we do what we do? In the next few paragraphs, I will do my best to give you a sense of how and why you do what YOU do and how we can help your family overcome the skewed dynamics of your family unit.

Years ago I attended an alternative medical college with the sole purpose of helping people overcome their health issues by treating the WHOLE person. Today I work for a company that does the same except we treat the WHOLE family.

Addiction of any form is problematic for the ENTIRE family. Even little ones and pets are affected. This is where we come in…

I will explain the process in brevity to give you an idea of why we are so effective in healing families and their loved ones but to be clear I would like to share with you something I learned while in college.

There are 12 boxes that encompass a person’s healing process. For example:

  • Box 1 could be detox
  • Box 2 might be healthier food choices
  • Box 3 would be an exercise program
  • Box 4, a plan for using certain vitamins, herbs, essential oils, juicing, etc.

All of these modalities are put into place with the sole purpose of healing the individual

Box 12, however, is the box that is necessary for all other boxes to be effective. Box 12 is Patient Compliance.

Without this, the healing process will never happen and that individual will be stuck in the same illness until Box 12 has been opened, understood, implemented and consistently adhered to.

The process with us is simple. It starts with a phone call regarding the situation you are in. All calls are confidential. We take the initial information, schedule a conference call with all others involved except for the patient, put a plan together and book the intervention. That’s the easy part. The difficult part is where you come in, i.e., Box 12.

You see, there may be years of use, loss of jobs, strained family relationships, financial stress, health issues and torn emotions. Some family members have taken to the hills and written your loved one off. Some are so destroyed that they don’t believe there is help.

Many have made their loved one’s addiction the “norm” in their lives and because of the emotional attachment,  have resigned themselves to a fallacy that there is no hope or that it is possible one day that their son, daughter, spouse, etc., will somehow grow out of it, be sick of being sick or just quit their addiction.

Unfortunately, this is not usually how addiction ends and definitely not how families get well themselves.

Enter True Interventions, Inc. We are dedicated to long term healing, we get to know your family, we expose this demon for what it is and help the family to understand that the hope is still alive. Your loved one CAN heal and you can be a family again. These are not just words on a blog.

We have helped thousands of families get back to operating on a level that was previously beyond their expectations. Those families have helped other families because now they see and know that this epidemic can be wrestled at the highest level and beat.

We don’t just get someone to agree to get help, we educate the entire family, friends, coworkers and anyone interested in attending our Family Day. My interventionists are wholly dedicated to helping to save just one more… one more life, one more family. Our interventionists are in recovery themselves and combined have over 100 years of sobriety. We know how this works. We are the experts in the field of addiction and this is proven by the people who are now living lives that were nearly destroyed prior to that first call.

Enough about us, it’s time to write about you. You, the one suffering.

  • You, the one questioning.
  • You, the one in turmoil over the solution to a problem that you have tried to fix time and time again.
  • YOU are the key to starting this process.

You are the catalyst to getting back to days filled with joy and laughter, positive conversations and healthy habits. It’s a phone call away. Intervention isn’t right for everyone but you will not know if it is right for you unless you talk with myself or one of my colleagues, also in the lifelong recovery process.

This is where Box 12 starts to come into play and through the intervention process you will recognize the reason why you waited; your unconditional love should have been enough, your rational conversations should have resonated, your begging, crying tears of desperation should have touched their hearts, your “tough love” should have woken them up.

All of these actions are indicators that something needed to be done long ago. The only thing you are guilty of is loving them. It’s time to love them the right way now and we will teach you how to do what seems counter-intuitive to what you believe will work, but from our experience and success, Box 12 is where it is at. For you and for your loved one.

This is what I attribute the lifelong recovery to. Isn’t this what it is all about? We aren’t looking just to get someone to the front door of a recovery center. We are looking for the will to stay clean and sober and for the family to support this, for life.

Addiction is a devastating entity. It is ruthless, unwavering and has a life of its own. Our goal is to help heal you, your family and the loved one who is struggling. The solid plan that we put into place at every one of our interventions has benefits that are unmatched and unlike any intervention company that touts. True Interventions stands out in the field which you will sense from the first call and more concretely from the first day we come to you. We are a people compassionate, empathetic, driven to find the solution and exposing the root of your family’s misery. You are the first step to this. Being passive in any way can be deadly on so many levels.

Our addiction specialists are standing by waiting to answer any and all of your questions

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