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Why does it take so long to get help?

Addiction slowly creeps up on people. A couple of drinks at a party, a couple of drinks at dinner, a couple more at that business luncheon. Oh crap, something bad just happened (a couple of drinks will help). A big presentation just a drink or two to calm the nerves. It adds up quick and time goes by before you know you have been drinking for YEARS.


Our Biggest Nightmare

We dread to get that one call or text that says Johnny or Theresa passed away from an overdose. These messages are the ones that we get that keep most of our counselors up at night. These are the messages that our counselors get really mad at because it could have been avoided. Johhny/ Theresa did not have to die, they could have been in treatment and safe.

Addicts Live Rock Bottom

We always hear about waiting until an addict hitting “Rock Bottom” before you help. But in reality, they live rock bottom day in and day out. Why Not jump in and help them? They need help and it is hard to help a person who has lied to you, stole, manipulated. But it is not them it is the addiction and the control of the drug.

Intervention Success Story from South Carolina

We are lucky to have such great counselors and interventionists on our team. We are lucky to have more successes than Bottom Lines. Here is one of our stories.

Why Families Wait to do Interventions

Brian Hero and Jay Means talk about why do families sometimes stay away from Interventions. Why do they drag their feet when knowing that tomorrow could be too late

How Has Addiction Recovery Helped Me

Herb Stepherson and Jay Means discuss how addiction treatment has helped them recover from drug addiction. Through family support and self-reliance they have stayed sober.

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